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Apple iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 5S


Click on the 'Heart' icon above to add this product to wishlist. A 'Remove' button appears after the product has been added to Wishlist. You can customize every aspect of Wishlist from the Merchant Console. You can replace the 'Heart' icon with 10 other icons.

The Wishlist Counter at the top displays the total number of items present in the wishlist. It is fully flexible & customizable from Merchant Console. You can place this wishlist counter anywhere on your store or prefer to hide it .

To view your Wishlist, click on the 'Wishlist' in header bar or the menu. 


As you can see, no registration/login is required and your customers can start creating wishlist without worrying about lengthy signup/signin process. Your customers will love it. A/B tests have shown that this increases your customer-retention-ratio by 30%.